Prep time!

I’ll be working hard to get some fun stuff to do, but still could use as much direction as any of you can manage. I’ve typed up a lot of the plot lines I have in place. One plot line I have very noticeably left out is the Lords’ Alliance. Yes, Elminster and Alustriel and Waterdeep and all of the other cities in the Alliance. If you are more interested in that part of the story, let me know, but your current information and scouting wouldn’t have garnered much information so I left it out since you likely aren’t terribly close to those types.

Otherwise I have plenty of things to see and do and we can find out just what happens regarding the twisted tower in this last year, but that’s largely up to you! Any input is good.


Update: So we now know allen will be here next weekend. That doesn’t give us a lot of time to prepare, but prepare I shall. Please make character pages and I’ll be updating backfill story and newly generate plot points throughout the weekend. I have everything organized (all of my many notebooks of information) so it’s all fresh in my head and I have a good plan for moving forward, just not much time to do it all in.

I still 100% intend to provide bonus xp, items and silliness to those who contribute.

Hi jerks. I just created this wiki since the other wiki seems to do a pretty good job. I have begun working on pages, I don’t know if you have access to change things or not. I highly encourage creating some pages of your own for your characters and minions, and then to create some discussion wiki pages outlining ideas. That will help me immensely as I update background information.

The Evil Campaign!

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