Chosen weapon of Severash

weapon (ranged)

4 Stages of power:
All stages speak Elven, have 120’ vision/hearing, and can detect drow as 90’ blindsense. With a powerful enough enchanter and bowyer, enchantments could be placed on to Midwinter at triple cost.

Drowbane: On a natural 20 crit (and confirm), a drow will be instantly slain.

Stage 1: +3 Longbow. 2 scores at 14, 1 at 10. Speech, 2 lesser powers. 60’ glowing light if needed. +1 will save. Drowbane DC 20.

Stage 2: +4 Longbow. Ego 18. 2 scores at 16, 1 at 10. 3 lesser powers and 1 greater power. 60’ darkvision/hearing. +2 will. Drowbane DC 26.

Stage 3: +5 Longbow. Ego 22. +3d6 base damage vs Drow. 120’ blindsense. 2 scores at 18, 1 at 10. Telepathy. 3 lesser powers and 2 greater powers. Drowbane DC 32.

Stage 4: +7 Longbow. Ego 24. +2d12 base damage vs Drow. 120’ blind sense. 2 scores at 20, 1 at 14. Telepathy. 3 lesser powers and 2 greater powers. Drowbane DC 34.

At stage 4, Midwinter deals 2d12 damage base. Midwinter also grants Cold resistance 10 and crits on a 19-20 / x4. Drowbane is still natural 20 only.


Midwinter was originally owned by a Half-drow Scout adventuring alongside Josidiah Starym of Myth Drannor. Their quest was to retrieve the great lost artifact of the Warblade. Eventually they found not the Warblade, but the Artblade. It’s origination is lost to historians, and some believe it was created to destroy Lloth herself. The power of the bow has waned over the centuries in which it lied dormant, but as it learns to slay Drow the power slowly returns and the bows consciousness grows stronger every day.


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