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The Evil Campaign!

This is the wiki page for our evil campaign. Sean used this layout for his, and many of us already have accounts here so this seems to be the right idea.

I’m probably not going to document everything that has already happened but I will provide summary to give everyone a refresher on what happened, why, and who you met and what transpired.

I will be updating org charts and important information (like the location of mythals) as that will be a building block for the future. I will do my best to provide character sheet pages for NPCs.

I will be routinely linking to The Forgotten Realms Wiki to help fill in information gaps with somewhat readily available information. As always, meta-game responsibly and assume that your characters personal experiences, knowledge skills and mental stats will dictate how much information you truly “know”

Two updates today, a list of primary threats in the area. These lists are NOT final and they are very rough since I’m typing them from work off of the top of my head. Any questions feel free to ask and I will update as I have time!

Primary threats to the Zhentarim
Primary threats to the Twisted Tower

The Twisted Tower
Zhentil Keep
Myth Drannor

Red Wizards of Thay
Sun Elves
Lords’ Alliance
House Draegledoth
Demons of Myth Drannor

Major Characters:
Fzoul Chembryl

The Moonsea War
The Fate Stones
Pre-Game Timeline

Main Page

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