Leader: Caradim Wanderlent, Lord and God-King of Usoria

Capital: Phlan

Usoria was formed by Caradim after the Great Storm was dispersed by Caradim in the year 1378. Caradim claimed the throne of the moonsea and began his long march towards godhood. Since his taking of the throne, Phlan has become a marvelous capital city, filled with artists, entertainers and commerce. Their army already ranks among the most well trained in the region.

Usoria is currently at war with the Zhentarim, and is a largely neutral to lawful-good aligned nation.

It is unknown if the nation has a fate stone, but much like the twisted tower, Usorian strength has grown significantly in the time since the stones were discovered. It is largely assumed by the Zhentarim that Caradim has unlocked the power of a stone. Many of his worshipers have claimed he has brought the stones to the world to bring peace to the lands and eradicate evil once and for all.

Silzuroull has had a handful of skirmishes with a mighty pyroclastic dragon defending usorian troops from Sil’s famous strafing runs of chlorine gas. Neither dragon has taken a significant risk, but Sil seems unwilling to risk that fight for the Zhentarim.

The Chosen

Usorian Clerics have begun to hold ceremonies to bless their troops before battle. The blessings seem to be giving an inordinate amount of strength to a handful of what they refer to as “chosen ones”. According to ritual, these souls are empowered to the point that the body can no longer contain them. For a short period of time (time frame unknown, but somewhere between a day to a month) this being enjoys heightened senses, knowledge and magical power. By empowering even a simple orc they can grow it to become a cunning tactician, double its size and strength, and infuse it with the power of their God-King enabling it to wield spells of amazing power. However after expending these powers they are taken by madness and slowly implode in on the very magical power they were wielding. While an orc infused with this power generally loses its direction, a zealot priest has been known to use this final display of terrifying power to their advantage, decimating huge swaths of Zhentarim forces.


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